Kenrick Li
Had 4 legs and some fried dumplings with a friend.
Everything was made fresh so after a little wait, everything came super hot.
The chicken was crispy but very juicy inside.
The dumplings were also good.
I like this style more with the minimal batter and not overly saucy.
I've been a regular of Donki chicken for a long time(over 20yrs) in Korea.  I stopped by this restaurant yesterday and was so happy that chicken legs were added to the menu just like in Korea.

Most of all, the freshly fried chicken with it's own unique thin fried dough/powder and salted taste were so special, crispy and delicious.The owner's service was very friendly and satisfying as well.

I'll visit again soon.
Marze S.
I love Korean style chicken, and they have it.
I highly recommend this restaurant if you love Korean food.
The staff really kind and nice:) I will visit ASAP.
Ordered the chicken meal combo through DoorDash and it was so nice!
The fries seem to be the same as the Costco food court ones, which is great, and the wings were delightfully crispy and not greasy.
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